Moray and Highland Business Women Play Their Cards Right

In early July I attended the joint Moray Business Women and Highland Business Women Evening at Sun Dancer Bar and Restaurant in Nairn . I was attracted to the evening by the presenter for the night, Sarah Frame-O’Hare of Strategy Cards Ltd, an organisation that educates about social media and marketing using cards to do so.

Set in the beautiful Sun Dancer restaurant in Nairn, this was the annual get-together of two dynamic networking groups, Moray Business Women (MBW) and Highland Business Women (HBW). The evening was very well organised, with people allocated tables so there was a mix of both groups on each table, with newcomers like myself scattered between them. Approximately 60 ladies then were given sticky labels to wear – mine said Toilet Door Poster. What could this be about, I thought!

We were asked to introduce ourselves to each other on the table over the meal, and discuss which of our labels would be most suitable for marketing our businesses. This ensured we had some interesting conversations, particularly about what you might put on the back of a toilet door. When I visited the ladies room, Sarah of Strategy Cards had in fact offered us a lesson in this. Her actual poster stuck on the door said ‘Don’t get Caught with Your Pants Down! Plan your social media in advance’.  She encouraged us in a fun and engaging game with the labels, and during it I met representatives of HBW,  Johnstons of Elgin,  Nutrivacity, Wild Blossom Floristry,  a retired radio interviewer, a soon to be retired event stylist and the official photographer for the event, Lindsay Robertson Photography. It was a varied table and an excellent idea to provide a structure that ensured we would all meet each other.

Over a delicious meal, we then were given a pack of Strategy Cards for each table. Everyone had to take one and then think which business would benefit most from that particular marketing strategy. We were given sheets on which to write these down, plus of course we then received the benefit of others’ expertise focused on our own businesses. I run a social enterprise, Before I Go Solutions, which helps people design and create their end of life plans. It was the subject of much black humour when the card named ‘Car sticker’ came up, with the suggested quote ‘If you get too near, you’ll be needing my services’ getting the most laughter.

An evening of education, fun and meeting interesting people ended with a raffle with proceeds shared equally between Moray Foodbank and Birchwood Highland, who are MBW and HBW respective supported charities this year.

Our guest blogger was Jane Duncan Rogers, MBW member and founder of

Images supplied by kind permission of Lindsay Robertson Photography


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