Mentoring for Moray Business Women Members

Running or growing a business can be daunting to someone who has little experience to draw upon. Indeed sometimes we all need a little reassurance from time to time. That’s why in April 2011, MBW launched its mentoring scheme, aimed at MBW members who are new to business. Through our network of members we look to offer support and guidance throughout those early stages.

How does mentoring work?

Mentoring takes many forms. From a friendly face with past experience to offer reassurance, practical pointers or simply someone to bounce an idea off. Or perhaps you are looking for someone to pair up with who will challenge and set targets to help you focus on your goals and drive through realistic milestones to achieve them. Be it a relaxed chat over coffee and cake or a more structured format, the aim is to pair you with a mentor whose skill sets match your needs and who understands you as an individual.

What our members think

We have a number of members paired with mentors across all types of industries.

Bev and Caroline from Wild Blossom Floristry have just completed their first year in business. “We have found having a mentor a really positive experience. We were paired with a Moray business woman who, although from a different business, had so much value to add to ours by her experiences and personality. We look forward to our meetings with our mentor and find ourselves energised and focused afterwards. You can’t ask for more than that!”

Gilda Westerman is a licensed Davis Facilitator and joined Moray Business Women this year. “Having a mentor has been of great benefit for me. I have greatly valued the support I received through our discussions of my goals and plans. I got valuable advice on practical things as well as insights regards what ‘inside changes’ would benefit me. I feel privileged to have a mentor offering me valuable experience, helping me to reflect, evaluate and bounce ideas around. Last but not least, our sessions are fun and leave me inspired every time. I think the mentoring scheme is one of many strengths of the Moray Business Network.”

Susan Pettit of Client Central is one of our mentors. “I have been part of a mentoring team for several months now and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I feel that I have been able to share experiences and add value to another MBW member while personally benefiting directly from the pairing. Focusing on another person’s business leads to reflection of your own. It really helps to focus the mind on all those things you know you should be doing, but typically fall down the priority list. My mentoring partner has also been able to support my business with design and print services throughout the course of the year. Above all I feel I have made a friend as well as a business partner.”

If you are seeking a mentor, or feel you can help a new or growing businesswoman through your own experience, then contact our Mentoring Co-ordinator, Bev Alexander.