MBW member Claire Doughty delighted to announce latest client

Chit Chat PR & Digital will “tap” into its knowledge of promoting events after securing its latest client.

Marc Hindley and Claire Doughty who run the Forres-based firm are delighted to be working with town landmark The Mosset Tavern which will stage its first ever real ale festival in April.

Claire and Marc have built up a wealth of experience in helping events get the attention they deserve and as Claire explained, it’s a market they thoroughly enjoy.

“We are thrilled to be working with Gordon and his team at The Mosset. Marc and I love working on events particularly those that are based in our town or region. We are passionate about the area and recognise that the more coverage these events get, the more people who will come, the better the benefit to the whole area.

“Since we launched we have had the pleasure of working on numerous events such as Grantown 250, The Black Isle Show, Piping At Forres and now of course, this real ale festival.”

Claire explained that clients come to Chit Chat PR & Digital at differing stages of planning and there are always ways a PR firm can help.

“Piping At Forres is almost a year-round project. The event is held in June and planning for the promotional side begins in early October and in that time, not a week goes by where we are not doing something for the event.

“Some clients may just need support with getting press coverage but for others we handle every aspect of the marketing and publicity including managing advertising budgets, setting up social media accounts, designing logos, researching relevant bloggers or writers, creating promotional videos and branding to name just a few.”

Marc and Claire are both from journalism backgrounds and openly admit that working under pressure only fires them up.

“We had our first meeting with Gordon in the first week of February and we are doing everything from sorting out the online ticketing system to the branding to press coverage and advertising. We also plan to create a video, however lots of these things need to be ready at the same time, so we have been working full pelt to bring it altogether. Gordon appears to thrive on the pressure and adrenalin too, so it’s really a match made in heaven.”

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