MBW Annual Awards

Please note our Award applications are now closed for 2016. Check back again next year for our 2017 Awards which will be launched in August. 

Meanwhile huge congratulations go to this years winners:

Shell Waters, Clydesdale – MBW Business Woman of the Year 2016

Jude Simms, Hellygog – MBW Most Enterprising Business

Susan Longmuir – CS/CAG Architects – MBW Member of Achievement

Awards process (2016)

Moray Business Women Annual Awards serve to showcase and celebrate the achievement of women in business across Moray in all sectors, whether running your own business or working in business both public and private sectors. Awards such as these highlight the ever increasing contribution of women to the economic success of Moray and inspire and motivate other women.
There are three categories:

Moray Business Woman and Most Enterprising Business of the Year are open to all professional and businesswomen in Moray. Entry is free for club members and £20 for non-club members, payable per entry. Women can either nominate themselves or another individual.

MBW Member of Achievement is open to existing MBW Members only and the winner will be decided by our Members.
Applications for the remaining two categories are open to all – whether you are an existing MBW Member and Non Member. Our Judging Panel will consist of independent judges across a range of businesses and business groups.

The closing date for applications is Monday 19th September and the results will be announced at the MBW 10th Anniversary Ball on Saturday, November 12th at The Eight Acres Hotel.

For terms and conditions and to download an application form, click here

MBW Application Form and Guidance 2016

Applications can be forwarded in complete confidence to president@mbwc.org.uk – see application form for details of postal entries.


And if you are still wondering whether to apply then here is what some of our past winners said:

Marie Smith of Highland Occasions By Design, MBW Business Women of the Year 2015

2015 was my tenth year in business. After a turnaround in business strategy I decided to mark ten years by applying for MBW Business Woman of the Year. I truly did not expect to win, I simply wanted to mark the milestone by reminding myself how far “Highland Occasions” had come. I was absolutely dumbstruck when my name was announced. And the response in the weeks and months which followed (and still continues) was overwhelming. From clients to suppliers, even being contacted by media to ask if they could write my story. It has been an amazing year and one which put Highland Occasions in wee Glenlivet firmly on the map. Thank you!

Jacqui Cruickshank, The Ditsy Teacup, MBW Most Enterprising Business 2015

Last year I won MBW Most Enterprising Business award. I was shocked as I really didn’t expect it with only being a year old. This has given me confidence to believe in myself and my capabilities. I have so many ideas and plans for the future, Ditsy will grow! From winning the award I am now a finalist for the ASB Most Enterprising Business award which again had given me a boost. All I can say is being part of Moray Business Women has helped me gain the confidence to go for awards and grow my business.

Margaret Reynolds of Dogrobes, MBW Most Enterprising Business 2014 winner and subsequent winner at the Association of Scottish Business Women (ASB) Awards 2015

Winning Moray Business Women’s Most Enterprising Business award in 2014 set in motion a sequence of events which ended with Dogrobes appearing on BBC Reporting Scotland and seeing record sales and increased brand awareness as a result. If you’re wondering whether to apply, DON’T! Just make the time. It was the best thing I ever did! This is actually what I tell everyone and have just said this to our new PR company. This is the actual sequence of events: winning the MBW award meant that when I turned up to the FSB AGM, the Chairwoman congratulated me on my new award at the meeting. This lead to the marketing representative asking if I would like to appear in their Small Business Focus in the P & J, which I did and it appeared just before Christmas last year. This then lead to FSB Head Office in Glasgow picking up the article and calling to ask if I’d be prepared to be filmed/interviewed on behalf of FSB, which then lead to the filming for the news report a few weeks later. Being on BBC Reporting Scotland dramatically increased our profile in Scotland. Customers are still ordering now based on that appearance and we hear all the time at shows that people know us from our appearance on TV. Real time views of our website on Google Analytics hit 1200 at one point in the evening. That’s 1200 on our website at the one time and it didn’t crash! And overall that day over 3000 people visited our website. We had an increase in sales of almost 700% on February of the previous year and we’re still feeling the benefit as word of mouth spreads the Dogrobes’ word! And here was me complaining that I really didn’t have time to apply but did it anyway and boy, I’m glad I did! It actually is the best thing I’ve done for the business thus far. You just never know what’s going to happen as a result of your application.