Marie Smith

She Wordsmiths

I have always had a passion for the written word.  I read my first “proper” book before I was officially allowed a library card.  My Mum  had to prove I could read.  She always gets her way.  And this is when it all began.  I always had my nose in a book.  Every Christmas a new Dean and Son classic, or three, would appear on my presents pile.  By 14 I had already passed my English O’Level with “essay writing skills beyond her years”.  Their words, not mine.

But I didn’t take a career in writing ~ I opted to be a draughtsman (sorry, woman) instead.  Yet still I seized every opportunity to write.  When the water industry wanted a blueprint example of good “Needs Report”, they chose mine.  And so I would become the lead writer for a number of years in various organisations when seeking funding for projects.

Then along came the internet and websites.  Ooh, lovely.  Lots of creative words.  So I got myself a book on HTML, learnt how to build a website and set up a wee side line.  One which gave me access to a variety of different businesses.  Hotel, corporate events, engineering components (try making that sound sexy).  They in turn handed me their websites to create ~ and fill.  For a while it might well have been my career path, but somehow events took a hold of me and I went a different route.  But still, I wrote.  Because I needed a good website right?  And now there are these things called blogs.  Mmm, more creative words.  My kind of heaven.

My passion for the written word didn’t stop there.  I can’t help myself.  Travel ~ I blog.  Walk ~ I blog.  Volunteering ~ I blog.  Social media posts ~ I can’t stop a sentence.  So when the time came to finally retire my event business, I started to wonder what next.  Not for long.  These words just keep coming back to me.

Write, Marie, write.

So I am.  In any form.  For pleasure and for business.  Social media, marketing, creative website content, blogs.  Anywhere and anyone who simply hasn’t time or the desire to wordsmith.

Phone: 07976 918185
Twitter: @Marie T Smith