Jane Duncan Rogers

Before I Go Solutions

Originally working as a psychotherapist and then a coach, Jane is found of community interest company, Before I Go Solutions.  We educate people to become more at ease with dying, death and grief and to help them design and create their end of life plans.  We work with the general public, organised groups and businesses (which especially need to take care of this area due to the consequences of sudden or even expected death on a business).  She is an accomplished speaker and group leader with over 25 years experience.

Jane sings in local acappella group, Too Many Kooks, and is currently building a new house in Forres ~ a process where she is learning a lot about decision making and collaboration!

Take the Before I Go free quiz on the website to discover how well prepared you are for a good end of life.

Buy the Before I Go Workbook ~ write down, in one place, everything you do with a good end of life.  Essential documentation for helping those left behind to take care of your affairs when you are no longer here to take care of them yourself.

Join a Before I Go programme, locally or online, to get your workbook completed along with your will, Power of Attorney and Advance Directive.

Express interest in the End of Life Academy training programme, due to pilot in 2018.

Jane is also on the MBW Committee and is busy in her role as Club Secretary.

Email: jane@beforeigosolutions.com
Website: www.beforeigosolutions.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/giftedbygrief

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