Denise Bedson

My Wiked Little Eco Shop

I am a qualified Beauty Therapist although no longer practice. I am a Grandmother of 3 and currently an Independent Distributor for Wikaniko. I enjoy golf, netball and running. I am the secretary of the Lossiemouth Business Association and am also on the board of Directors of the Covesea Lighthouse Co. My Wiked Little Eco Shop has vegan friendly products, food supplements, hair, skin and dental care – all with no animal testing or ingredients.

We work hard to bring you healthy, eco-friendly products at the same price as your regular brands. Only high quality and proven brands find their way to our store, with a diverse range that means you can bring economical and eco-friendly benefits to every area of your home, life and beyond.

Phone: 01343 209364 / 07966 568949
Twitter: @LittleEcoShop