Claire Doughty

Chit Chat PR & Digital

Claire-doughtyWith a background in journalism, I can spot a story a mile off and know what will and won’t work in the media. I’m a multi-award-winning writer and worked for local newspaper publisher Scottish Provincial Press for 10 years, latterly as chief reporter for the Highland News in Inverness.

I set up Chit Chat PR & Digital with my business partner Marc Hindley in February 2015. We bring together all the tools and techniques your business needs to get noticed and we can quickly identify ways your business can benefit online and offline. Our skills enable us to manage your campaigns and publicity in-house without outsourcing or waiting for third parties to deliver.

We are a one-stop shop for: Identifying opportunities for media coverage, building traffic campaigns on your website with email, search engines and social media, using paid advertising campaigns in Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and content creation such as writing, blogging, design, photography and video.

Combining PR with digital saves you money. Why hire one agency to do your PR and another to do your digital marketing? Collectively, we have five decades of experience in journalism, media and marketing, and we’re not only qualified in the media profession, we’ve also gained accreditation from Facebook, Google, Twitter and Hubspot, so we know our digital onions too.

So if you’re looking for help with your publicity and marketing, have a chit-chat with us.

Phone: 07846 145050
Facebook: ChitChatPR
Twitter: @chitchatscot