Chloe Greenwood

Coaching and Independent Celebrant

I offer coaching in Deep Intelligence, bringing a range of skills to help you to expand and develop in ways that will enrich you immeasurably.

Consider what is hurting in your work life and organisation?  What isn’t working?  What would you like to change?  Would you like you and other managers and leaders to have more wisdom and compassion?  Are you bringing both your head and your heart to your work?

Take some time to clarify your values, and become more aware of your life’s purpose and your unique gifts.  Increase your ability to engage with this increasingly complex world, enhancing your ability to hold conflicting concepts, and uncertainty, increasing your complexity of thinking.  Connect with the most noble part of yourself and develop your capacity to operate from the place ~ your higher self, seeing the bigger picture, and the inter-connectedness of all life.  Cultivate compassion and wisdom to help to sustain you in tough times, and develop a strong presence and equanimity in the force or turmoil.

I am passionate about bringing about positive cultural change in organisations, personal growth and development of individuals, particularly leaders.  I offer presentations in the workplace about deeper intelligence and other skills such as polarity management to enrich organisations, helping people to achieve to higher levels of leadership as described by Jim Collins (Level 5 Leadership) and “Teal” in Reinventing Organisations.

I am an Independent Celebrant, creating personal and meaningful ceremonies for people who are getting married, funerals and memorials, baby blessing and naming ceremonies and ceremonies to end a relationship.

I offer supervision to people in the helping professions, working by Skype or Zoom and at my consulting room at Healthworks in Forres, where I also offer spiritual counselling and leadership coaching.

I have a background in the NHS, working for 28 years in General Practice, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, and worked as Head of Doctors at the Human Rights Organisations “Freedom from Torture”.

Phone: 01309 691575 / 07769 796672