Breakthrough to Excellence

Finding “The True You”

6th June 2017, Horizon Scotland

Our evening opened with Emma J Bell, coach, speaker, facilitator, mediator and author of “The True You”.  Emma was a top ranked corporate lawyer for 17 years and then a Judge for 7 years. Her first book, The True You was published in 2016 after which she gave up her judicial office to pursue her passion for coaching, writing and facilitation full time. She captured her audience from the outset with a very thought provoking opening and ended it with a very different “empty glass” analogy which took us all by surprise. She embarked on explaining the mechanics of our brains and linking that to how we think – and act. Even engaging the audience in a little practical application ourselves. Waking the captain of the ship to take back control left more than a few of us already planning ways to shift our thought processes. Emma also donated two free tickets to our charity raffle. We all held our breath I think as the tickets were drawn for her “How to Maximise Your Impact and Influence” session in June.  Well done to Kate Bonsall of Culbin Edge who is off to Glasgow with a friend to see Emma again this month.

The group then headed into a series of workshops designed to inspire, coach and give practical support in a range of subjects. Session One opened with Mervyn Stanley of Cameron Carnegie in the main theatre while Chloe Greenwood took her nine steps to Keeping Your Higher Self in Charge into a the more intimate workshop space.

And then it was chance to catch our breath over supper. A tasty range of hot foot bowls created and served by Rachel at Philp’s Fine Food and also resident caterer at Fresh Horizons at Horizon Scotland and a chance to chat with your fellow delegates in the social area. Then we headed to Session Two with Lisa Esslemont helping us to tackle the need for an honest conversation while Alison Read teased us with so many tempting ways to fall in love with creating valuable Digital Content. 

Finally we rounded off the evening with local businesswoman Heather McDonald, owner of Wooha Brewing Company and winner of this years Investing Women AccerateHER Growth Awards telling us her fascinating story. Heather is the founder owner and head brewster at Wooha Brewing Company, Nairn – soon to be relocated to Kinloss in Moray. She began her career working as a Microbiologist for the US Navy studying Dengue Fever. She later changed career tracks studying for a Masters in Finance and Investment Management at the University in Aberdeen and worked at AXA in their Investment Portfolio Department.

After taking a career break to have her two boys Heather decided to start her own business – combining her love of science with her business background, and WooHa was born – even the name has a story. The question and answer session at the end might well have gone on all night much was the fascination with Heather, Wooha and her team. It can be tough bringing a conference “home” at the end an evening when folk are beginning to tire. But Heather’s energy and passion and humour kept us all keen to hold onto her for as long as we could.


Our Win-Win prize draw saw heaps of prizes donated with the proceeds raising a whopping £270 (and a bag of shopping) towards our charity this year Moray Foodbank. The prizes are all business. conference or self development related. Bring your business card (or lots) to play. And if you don’t have one then we took along MBW ones so nobody would feel left out. And so the prize draw began. Fast and furious our President drew cards. And they just kept on coming.

Strategy Cards® – Game & Workshop for up to 5 people worth £400;

Chloe Greenwood – Coaching session valued at £150;

Alison Read – Digital Marketing MOT worth £150;

Lifestyle Magazine – FREE Half page advert and profile;


CAG Architects – Architectural package;

100 business branded pencils by Pencil Me In.

Moray Business Women too threw in not one but two FREE 12 month “Individual” memberships

The draw ended with a chance for 10 lucky players to receive one of ten signed copies of Emma J Bell’s book “The True You”.

We headed home into a night of wicked weather, but the strong winds and torrential rains didn’t dampen the spirits. 50 people were booked to sit down to our first speaker with every workshop at capacity. The sound of laughter and chatter rang down the corridors as groups engaged and participated in the sessions. A large number of attendees went home gleefully clutching their treasured raffle prize. Our Breakthrough to Excellence evening conference is aimed at all working women in and around Moray and the audience always boasts a huge cross section. From employees to business owners to charity board members and staff. Not forgetting Mervyn of course who threw himself into what we hope was a welcoming circle of ladies eager to draw on his experience.