Ailsa Stinson

B is for Brand

A is for Ailsa, hello from me! B is for Brand. That’s my company name. C is for Corporate Strategy ~ that’s where we need to put your Brand (right at the heart of your business). D is for Done Simply ~ I firmly believe that using your brand in a strategic way really needn’t be a head scratching, confusing experience (but sadly it can be). E is for Employee Engagement.

I can help you to create Brand Ambassadors within your business, saving you money and time and helping you create more presence for less effort. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?

B is for Brand. Achieve Brand Clarity.

Do get in touch to talk to me about my exclusive MBW Member Offer, or if you just fancy a coffee and a chat.

Phone: 07572 435156
Twitter: @BisforBrand
LinkedIn: Ailsa Stinson