Member of MBW selected to lead Social Entrepreneur programme

Moray Business Women member Jane Duncan Rogers of Before I go Solutions has been selected to work closely with the Bank of Scotland’s Social Entrepreneurs programme. She will work alongside the program directors to run the “Start Up and Scale Up” scheme which aims to help equip participants with the skills to take their business to the next level.

Jane plans to coach 10 people to lead workshops to help take this year long initiative forward. Social Entrepreneurs taking part in the scheme will receive a grant, a comprehensive learning programme and a business mentor. Jane explained “I’m on a mission! I really want to help people in Scotland and elsewhere to really get their act together on this and as a result, really start to benefit from it.”

Jane is an award winning life and death coach, based in Forres. Her main business is helping people to design their own end of life plan so that friends and family can come to terms with and be more at ease with death and dying. She said “This is a subject which is not very often talked about and yet it happens to us all.” Before I go Solutions aim to help people design and create their end of life plan, including how you want your life to end, planning your funeral and planning how you would like to be remembered. She encourages people to have the necessary conversations whilst there is still time so that there are no surprises for the family afterwards.

Jane is also author of 2 books: Gifted by grief, a true story of cancer, loss and rebirth and Before I Go: Practical Questions to Ask and Answer Before You Die.

Jane explained “Six years ago my husband Philip died. In 2015 I wrote my first book, there was a chapter in the book where I wrote about the questions I had asked my husband before he died. Basically lots of readers told me it was a really good idea and they needed to ask these questions also.”

Jane formed Before I go Solutions a year ago and has so far helped over 100 people.

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